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Whether you need a ride to the airport, the vet, or you’re simply off to grandma’s house, U&Pet Taxi Service is more than just pet transport. Instead, you’ll get premium care from professionally qualified pet handlers who treat your pet as their very own.

Any Destination

Whether you need a ride to the airport, the vet, or you're simply off to grandma's house, U&Pet Taxi Service will get you there.

Unlimited Pets

Get a ride for an unlimited number of pets, up to the capacity of the driver's vehicle, for a simple flat rate.

Owners Too

When you book a Pet Taxi you're only paying for your pet, even if you ride along. Owners ride as unpaid passengers.

Special Needs

U&Pet Taxi Service is specifically designed for pet rides, so it's the perfect solution for pets with special needs.

Certified Drivers

All U&Pet Taxi Service drivers have graduated from our proprietary dog training course and are equipped to handle your pet properly.

Love this service!

I used this service for the first time Saturday and I will definitely become a repeat customer. I felt totally at ease and so did my dogs.  This is a great service, especially for those of us who have gone car-less.

— Patrick M

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