Waterfront Dog Retreat Reservation

The Waterfront Dog Retreat is $65/day for the first dog and $45/day for each additional dog.

To make a reservation enter the number of dogs you are booking, select your dates, click “check availability,” and complete the checkout process. U&Pet will determine Retreat availability and confirm your reservation prior to collecting payment.

Please note: Minimum 2-day booking.


U&Pet Waterfront Dog Retreat is your dog’s dream come true. It’s the perfect place for your dog’s next overnight stay.

The Waterfront Retreat features a 13 acre property with many open fields, winding paths through luscious greenery, and clean sandy beaches where your dog can step away from the concrete jungle for some all-natural R&R.

Next, your dog can get up to speed on all the latest canine gossip during social hour in our 30,000 sq ft shaded dog park, all while listening to the soothing sounds of the diverse bird population and smelling the wildlife of the Piscataway Park.

At night your dog will bed down, not in a chain-linked kennel, but in a comfortable home-like environment that will have them at ease.

U&Pet will also provide complimentary door-to-door transportation to/from the Retreat to anywhere in the DC Beltway area. Pick-up times are 10am – 2pm or 7pm – 10pm.

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