U&Pet Taxi Service transports your household pets in a safe, convenient, & professional manner

U&Pet Taxi Service provides pet friendly rides to wherever you need to go.

But our Pet Taxi is more than just a transport service. With U&Pet you get premium pet transport from professionally qualified pet handlers who treat your pet as their very own — so it’s perfect for anything from a ride to the vet or a trip to Grandma’s house, with or without the owner.

Our Pet Taxi drivers are also experienced in handling pets with unique physical or behavioral needs.

With U&Pet you get premium pet transport from pet savvy people who actually know how to properly care for and handle your pet.

Are you headed to one of the area’s major airports – DCA, BWI or IAD? Check out our Airport Courier for more information about pricing from locations inside or outside of the capital beltway!

I was really impressed to have found a dog care business run by a truly dog savvy person who knows everything about dog care and handling.
— Cassandra E.



  • Pet transport to any destination.
  • Unlimited pets for a simple flat rate.
  • Drivers are qualified pet handlers.
  • Dog seat belts are included.
  • Perfect for pets with special needs.
  • Owners ride as unpaid passengers.


Our simple flat rate includes unlimited pets and passengers (people ride as unpaid passengers) up to the capacity of our vehicles, as well as 30 minutes of free wait time.

Additional Wait Time
per 30 min

  • Need us to wait?
  • Add extra wait time.

*If your ride takes you outside the Capital Beltway, please contact us for a quote. If heading to Reagan National (DCA), please check out our Airport Courier for pricing and information.


Where do you operate?

U&Pet Taxi Service primarily operates within the Washington DC Beltway area. We offer simple flat rate pricing for rides originating and terminating inside the Beltway.

However, we can often accommodate rides that may either originate or terminate outside the Beltway for an extra fee. Contact us for a quote.

How do you determine your fares for rides outside the beltway?

Primarily, we base our fares for rides outside the Capital Beltway on comparable fares from regional taxi and car services, mileage, and time to destination.

How far in advance must I book my reservation?

We ask that you allow a minimum of 12 hours notice, but we understand that it is not always possible. We cannot guarantee flexibility for same-day service, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can my pet travel alone, or do I need to ride with them?

We can transport your pet without you, or you can ride along too - the option is yours.

For exmaple, if you're short on time but your pet needs to make their vet appointment, our experienced handlers can pick up, drop off, and even check your pet in to their appointment.

You will be asked to specify the number of people and pets riding when making your reservation.

What kind of vehicles do you use?

We do not believe in using utility vans to transport your loved ones. Rather, we believe that your pet should travel in the same luxury and comfort as you. We only employ standard late model vehicles that provide the utmost comfort for you and your pet.

My dog is a senior or has a physical impairment and is not used to getting into a vehicle, will this be an issue?

Our handlers have experience working with special needs and they will provide the utmost respect and care when transporting your dog. We have ramps and other aids to assist dogs with physical needs.

How is my pet secured?

We have pet-friendly seat belts available for use for all sizes and breeds of dogs. Cats are generally transported in carriers.

Does my pet travel next to me in the car or in a crate?

Generally we prefer that your pet rides like you, sitting on a seat, however, we ultimately default to your preference. Please note, we do not provide pet crates but can certainly accommodate crates and/or child car seats.